Focus Areas

Heart Advice from His Holiness The Dalai Lama 

At the Garden of Samadhi Mind Centre in Bangalore:

  • Centre will teach Shamatha and Vipassana Meditation and Contemplation Practices
  • Samadhi Foundation is based on Secular ethics
  • Also respect non-believers
  • Science of Mind from Nalanda Masters and other ancient Indian traditions like Jaina, Yoga-Samkhya and Vedanta philosophies
  • Study Map of the Mind and Map of Emotions as an Academic Institution for children
  • To take to children in school at an early stage – just as there is physical hygiene – mental and (emotional hygiene)
  • Not religious text but philosophies like the 4 noble truths, and two truths from other Indian philosophies like Buddhism, Samkhaya, Vedanta and Jaina Philosophy
  • Connections with Quantum Philosophy and cosmology.
  • We can use group of Tibetan Buddhist teachers from south India for Garden of Samadhi Mind Centre
  • However we need to create impression that we are an institution and an academic centre and not merely a place where Buddhist teachers come and teach
  • Secular, non-denominational
  • Responding to us he also said that for the more serious Buddhist practitioners a separate portion can be created for higher meditations like Mahamudra and Dzogchen etc.
  • This centre’s appropriateness is in India as the tradition belongs to Indians and need to be brought back into the main stream of daily life in the areas of contemplation, mindfulness and secular ethics in business, leadership, education, professional practice, sports persons.
  • Samadhi Foundation will also undertake research with institutions such as NIMHANS.